Imported Compound Fertilizer


LCP is a brand synonymous to high-quality, being efficacious and cost effective; now comes in the form of a premium European origin granular compound fertilizer. This is a highly water-soluble phosphate fertilizer suitable for leafy vegetables and fruit crops. It is pH neutral and contains the essential trace elements for healthy plant growth. It will provide a good balanced nutrient for good vegetative growth and production especially in marginal soil areas.

The enhanced LCP fertilizer is European produced with highly sophisticated technology and equipment. This enable each granule to provide well balanced nutrient ratio and predictable reaction essential to crops.

Product superiority:

  • Imported NPK compound from Europe
  • Nitrate base for faster crops uptake on N
  • Ammoniacal base for gradual release on N
  • High available of P due to water soluble phosphate
  • Homogenous and Free Flowing granules
  • Conform to fertilizer standards


LCP 12/12/17/2 + 9.6S + TE is an NPK compound fertilizer with potassium sulphate (SOP), magnesium and micronutrients. SOP is considered a premium-quality potash and contains two key nutrients for growing crops: potassium and Sulphur. Being a SOP based formulation means it is virtually chloride free and ideal for chloride sensitive crops. Many high-value crops would require Sulphur (S) to increase crop yields and improves produce quality both of which determine the market price a grower would get for his or her produce.