Imported Compound Fertilizer


Loong Choong Pau is a brand synonymous to quality, being efficacious and cost effective; now comes in the form of a premium European origin granular compound fertilizer. This is a highly water soluble phosphate fertilizer suitable for leafy vegetables and fruit crops. It is pH neutral and contains the essential trace elements for healthy plant growth. It will provide a good balanced nutrient for good vegetative growth and production especially in marginal soil areas..


The enhanced Loong Choong Pau 15-15-15 + TE fertilizer is manufactured from Germany with highly sophisticated technology and equipment. This enable each granule to provide well balanced nutrient ratio and predictable reaction essential to crops.

Product superiority:

  • Imported compound fertilizer from Germany
  • Nitrate base for faster crops uptake on N
  • Ammoniacal base for gradual release on N
  • 100% Water Soluble P2O5
  • Free Flowing granule for easy handling
  • Conform to SIRIM and International standards