X-Sorb 100

X-Sorb 100 is a low molecular weight non-ionic silicone polyether surfactant.

It is specially formulated to enhance the efficacy of herbicides and reduce chemical wastage.

How does it work?

  • It reduces the interfacial tension dramatically to a very low level of 23 dynes/cm.
  • Even at a low concentration at 0.01% it enhances spread and provides efficient coverage to every single leaf.
  • The very high solubility makes it suitable for tank-mixing with foliar-applied agricultural chemicals.
  • Its excellent penetration and wetting performance will increase the absorption rate of the sprayed chemicals.
  • This is especially important during rainy season.

Farmpol 303

Farmpol 303 is a specially developed wetting agent to reduce surface tension between the leaf surface and sprayed solution. It is neutral in action and is compatible with most of the insecticides, fungicides and herbicides available in the market. Besides, Farmpol 303 is non-ionic and it is not phytotoxic.

Biowet 808

Biowet 808 is a potent specialty chemical manufactured by Farmcochem. It is an enhanced formulation of wetting and sticking agents to improve the adherence to the foliage. Biowet 808 is an effective spreader sticker and penetrant to plants.