Foliar Fertilizer


BioFeed+ is a bio-stimulant that is applied through foliar spraying. It contains potent concentrations of minerals, micronutrients, organic matters, amino acids and vitamins that are essential for robust plant growth. This highly beneficial bio-stimulant is fortified with Bio-Garno formulation that will enhance healthy plant growth by;

  • Invigorates plant cells
  • Optimizes plant cellular functions
  • Activates natural resistance
  • Enhances photosynthetic process
  • Accelerates plant growth

BioFeed+ is recommended for all type of crops. It has proved to have significant effect to plant growth and yield of rice crop, fruits and others.


CY787 is a unique plant growth enhancer that will increase crop yield through enhanced assimilation and cell integrity. This product provides stable, fast acting and effective reaction on the targeted crop. Other beneficial characteristics of CY787 include;

  • Induces stimulation of plant processes thereby improving flowering, fertilization, fruit set and fruit growth. It increases resistance to stress and accelerates plant recovery after damage by pest, frost, drought, salinity or other adverse environmental conditions.
  • Applying CY787 at crucial stages of plant development brings about considerable increase of quality yields and at the same time reduces negative impact of crop cultivation measures on the environment.
  • The active ingredients of CY787 are non toxic, of natural substances, stimulating cytoplasmic streaming, promotes nutrient uptake and assimilate flow and strengthening of cell membranes and walls.
  • CY787 poses no threat to the environment. On the contrary it induces better root system and nutrient uptake and reduces fertilizer leaching to surface and groundwater.
  • An improvement of cell membrane integrity and nutritious status render plants less susceptible to environmental pressures.